Dog Friendly Restaurants in New York City

There’s a plethora of diners, restaurants, pizzerias, and barbecue joints in New York City that welcome dogs in their outdoor spaces. Patios, gardens, and terraces range from ballroom size to closet size, and canine diners are as appreciated as their human counterparts. Remember that restaurants in the city can be crowded at certain hours, so be sure to teach your dog manners, especially the basic commands: sit, stay, and down. If your dog is human or dog aggressive, community dining is not recommended. If your dog is a barker, work on that — no one likes a loudmouth at the next table. The good news is you can expect your dog to be welcomed with bowls of cold water and even a treat. In fact, dogs who grow up in New York often prefer their water in a glass with ice rather than a dog bowl. So get out those doggie power ties, bandanas, and crystal collars, and go out to eat!