Dog Friendly Places in New York City

New York is a city of hardcore dog lovers. The city is peppered with dog parks, dog play groups, groomers, pet supply stores, parks that offer off-leash play, dog-friendly dining and drinking, dog-friendly accommodations, doggie daycare, animal hospitals, canine acupuncture and chiropractors, pet psychics, and even a doggie disco or two. Scout will be entertained and pampered here in ways that most dogs only dream about. Dog massage? We got it. Doggie pedicures? No problem! Is your dog a fashion hound? New York is the canine fashion capital. If your dog needs to lie on a couch and talk about his childhood, you can book a session in a pet therapy group. There are infinite venues to expand your dog’s social graces and dozens of hotels that will pamper your dog with welcome baskets and cut crystal water bowls. Dogs need culture too! So if you’re planning a visit, or if you’re a native New Yorker, don’t leave Scout behind.